Workplace Eye Injuries

Workplace eye injuries

  • Eye injuries in the workplace cost companies billions.
  • In a report compiled by Occupational Vision Services, Inc., it was estimated that on-the-job eye injuries cost businesses $300 million each year in medical bills, compensation and production downtime.
  • Factoring in indirect costs of training replacement workers, equipment damage, legal fees and others, the estimated costs soar to more than $3 billion annually.
  • To help reduce the number and severity of these injuries, as well as reduce the cost associated with them, members of the Council’s SEE TO WORK® Program encourage employers and employees to make sure protective eyewear is worn by individuals working in areas where eye injuries can result.
  • With advancements in lens technology, most eyewear prescriptions can be incorporated into protective lenses, and new frame designs have made protective eyewear more safe and more attractive.
  • Your optometrist is available to discuss protective eyewear options for your company.

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