Say hello to the two little bears, Franklin and Cara. They are the SEE TO LEARN® Bears developed to help children feel more comfortable during vision examinations.

Look for Franklin and Cara on bookmarks, coloring sheets, stickers and other educational materials for children.

Stuffed SEE TO LEARN® Bears and SEE TO LEARN® Shirts are available for purchase from the Council. Call 1-800-960-EYES or e-mail the Council for more information.



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SEE TO LEARN® Writing/Coloring Contest
Each spring, the Eye Care Council hosts a SEE TO LEARN® Writing/Coloring Contest for school children to educate children about their vision. In 2000, nearly 4,000 children participated in the contest, and 2001 participation is expected to approach 5,000.

Contact the Eye Care Council at 1-800-960-EYES for more information about how your school can participate in the SEE TO LEARN® Writing/Coloring Contest.

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